Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's in the words you say, they make me want to...

Scream out to the world,...WHAT DO YOU GET?[!]?... when you cross a little bit of THIS and a little bit of THAT a whole lot”a” THIS and even some of THAT... You get AMAZING! and I owe it all to HIM!

If you want you can view the trailer! [ in french and chinese ]

You can see even more different trailers HERE! WOW ! WOW & WOW!!!!

OMG! I can not even stand it!! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! I am speechless! I NEED TO SEE THIS— {right now would be perfect} [i am having a not-so-good work day] but I am getting through it.
This Photo of MY LADY Maggie Cheung is keeping me goin’! today.[the review is not so good of her movie] but that ain’t stopp’n me from seeing it on Wednesday at The Film Soiciety

But back to 2046 ! I have not been this excited for a move in such a long time. I am not sure if it will come here, or if it came here and I missed it. It seems that people own it on DVD [which I am sure is an asian import] BUT IT WOULD MAKE :el fano: SO HAPPY TO VIEW what is destined [i am sure] to be one of my FAVOURITES!!!! so - if you know any more information about it.. >PLEASE leave me a message! ;] and let me know.

I must get back to work now. Sorry for the short one this time! I promise to have a jam-packed entry next time.

OH! and never forget! — "If your pleasure if passion, then passion IS your pleasure!"

ps: the title of my journal is from "Living in Oblivion" by ANYTHING BOX [not to be confused with LIVING IN A BOX!] {lol}


jane said...

Dear El Fano,

You are killing me! I want more more more!!!

Kim said...

Heart heart Tony Leung Chiu Wai heart heart.

:el fano: said...

oh man! I can not even tell you how "alsome" it is to see COMMENTS! ;] my heart jumps a little, and then I smile, and then I smile even more! ;] and from two of my favorite ladies! HOW LUCKY AM I!? [very] if you ask me! I promise more [and more] and even more will come! HEARTS and HUGS all around! ;]

Anonymous said...