Monday, January 31, 2005


A million and one different connotations can be construed by this title ... and you know what![?]! ... EVERY ONE OF THEM IS CORRECT! Do I dare throw in a “son” here?... I think so...“SON”! HA! so yeah, the ever-so-funny JANE pointed this one out to me in an email i sent to her! ... so I decided it just HAD to be the one! ;] /PS: EXPOSE's "COME GO WITH ME" is on RIGHT NOW as I type this very line! perfection!

anyway.. the subtitle of the entry shall be called: "The music played while our bodies displayed through the dance"
So...since we are already talking about Miss JANE she was kind enough to send me a the most wonderful “questionnaire” [sent to her via the most “lovely AgentLulu”]! SO I AM HERE TO ANSWER AWAY: I hope this is as enjoyable for people to read as it was for :el fano: to write.


1. Total number of music files on your computer

There are 4,728 songs on my computer "HARDHOFER"

2. The last CD you bought

I was in Virgin Records browsing the CD-singles which are now right next to the dance/electronic[a] section — so you KNOW I had to visit my DJ's little bin, and low and behold I found the disc I was looking for! - STAR 69 - Extended Mixes Vol.4 :chosen by DJ Peter Rauhofer

3. The last song you listened to before reading this message

“You Bring Me Up! {Armani Exchange Beach Mix} - by Miguel Migs

4. Name 5 songs you listen to often or that mean a lot to you
Like Miss Jane...I tooo am having trouble just picking 5 [since there ARE so many] so..give these songs a listen! {i know I sure have! !}[here they are in no particular order]

1. “Several Times I” - from the album Sleeps with the Fishes by Pieter Nooten + Michael Brook | 1987 4ADSo I’ve had a love for Pieter Nooten ever since his XYMOX days — but this entire album is quite amazing. Track 1 [my pick] has to beginning to the “soundtrack of my life”. You see when I was growing up and listening to music, I would always think of songs that would make up the “soundtrack of my life” where songs would be added and deleted constantly, and of course there was a “lyric version” and a “non-lyric “version” —this particular song falls in the “non-lyric” category. It really is all about the “atmosphere” ... I always envisioned it as the opening credits to my life, [with cool typography of course] ... but the end of the track would then lead into Act 1 Scene 1 and my life would begin. I think that this song for me still holds up to that opening credit sequence.

2. “Don't say you want me...Don't say you need me... Don't say you love me... It's understood” ahhhh those lyrics bring us to :elfano:’s next track - ”It’s No Good” from the album Ultra by Depeche Mode | 1997 Mute — There are so many great Depeche Mode songs, and if I could I would list them ALL [i had to send you there! THAT PHOTO IS to GREAT!] {but really you should go HERE !} YES.. I could give ya’ll a story about each and every one, but this is the first one that came into my head...and of course mostly-all of my Depeche songs goes side-by-side with the alsome JANE.. so there was this episode of “FRIENDS” where Phoebe and Monica and Rachel were taking Chandler to a strip joint to cheer him up, scene: enter bar, girls legs shown seductively bouncing to the beats, and what beats might that be?[!]?.. “It’s nooo Goooood” so instantly Jane and I thought of each other and the rest is history!. ;] ahhh ;] so, Dave Gahan, and strippers, and Jane...what more could I ask for eh!?

3. “He's On The Phone” - [ CD single]-{Motive8 remix} but originally appeared on the German import album TIGER BAY by SAINT ETIENNE | 1995 - Heavenly Records – OMG! this song! I think I chose it because it ALWAYS makes me happy! No matter what. Besides it reminding me of dancing on stage at TISWAS [with the most amazing cousin Sarah] it always reminds me of my peeps! Of JANE and KIM and of trips and of dancing, austely of rock and of roll! ;] It just puts me in such a happy place. PS: the Motive8 mix makes YOUR ASS “WANT” to get up and dance! DANCE DANCE DANCE! [and speaking of dance ... that leads me to my next song]...

4. “Let the Music Play” - from the album “Best of Shannon” [rel. 1995] was released as a “single” in 1984! [awhhh yeah!] by SHANNON - The infamous “whip” sound/sample for this song, makes me want to die! OMG! I swear whenever and wherever I might hear that sound...I INSTANTLY think of Shannon and “Let the Music Play” The beats, the lyrics, the delivery! PERFECT! .. [+] it was my first time “do’n” Karaoke!! It was after the party in the Karaoke lobby - with some of the best-us of peeps in celebration of KIM+CHRISTOPHER and their world of Love! ;] [ Part of the “genius” of the TITLE of my Blog happened that night]...and so much more.. So as I am trying to “attempt” to sing... the always “there-to-help-save-the-day [and song] was “JANE” who helped to sing and give justice to this most wonderful Shannon song. Thank you to all! THANK YOU! [ps: I austely have visions of doing WATER AEROBICS with my Nanna to this song, I know she was obsessed with the Pointer Sisters, but I think a little Shannon peeked on through!]

5. “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” from the album Youthquake by DEAD OR ALIVE | 1985 - SONY — I don’t even know where to begin with this makes me cry with joy!! The first time I ever saw the “AMAZING” Pete Burns was on “HOT TRACKS” in my bedroom...and I went crazy! I was mesmerized by the she/he look [YES] don’t get me wrong there, but it was the music! OH that COW-BELL! and then the lyrics, I WANTED TO SPIN! I wanted to be on that pole in that crazy outfit, singing and having my band mates wrap me with a large ribbon! {I must admit when the video for “Brand new Lover” came out, I went even more crazy!! and yes, i must say that it is {i think} a better song] but with “You Spin Me Round...” it was my first! ;] and YOU DO REMEMBER YOUR FIRST! ;] {right!?} OMG! yes.. the infatuation started there, and i must say kids.. that it never ever left!...even with Pete and ALL of his incarnations ... i still love and adore him.

5. Who will you pass this stick to (3 people) and why?

OMG! 2 of the most amazing [music love’n’] people [that I know] are are on this list- that I would have sent it to!! eeep!
I don’t have a clue of who I can/could send this lovely questionaire to ![?]! .. I think I will have to make it a quest of mine to find them. {WAIT!- Waking dream moment}: I just saw myself taking a Craigslist Ad out! [ha!] MUST HAVE BLOG to even be considered! [heee], oh man, I am laughing in my chair [yet again] ... so, I will work on this Question .5 and report back on my progress!

Thank you! This was a most fun and joy[ous] time!...and never forget! ” If your pleasure if passion, then passion IS your pleasure!"