Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"A delectable halo of irresistible scent"

I couldn't think of a better way to get the bloggerball rolling than sharing with ya'll yet another AMAZING [product]! This one goes out to all those hair-curious-freinds that are feeling a bit "mist-ti-fy[ed]" by the urge to perfume your hair INTENSELY yet SUBTLY!?! ... well ... the answer is clear -"




. ! YES {and you thought it wasn't possible} !

"The fragrance lingers as long as you do - at the party or on the dance floor." It keeps getting better!
{if I didn't write this bit of copy, well then, my twin did!}
"Tender mist leaves a delectable halo of irresistible scent. A Unique fragrance accessory mists onto hair to perfume your hair intensely yet subtly with the clean and sheer, warm and sexy fragrance of ALLURE. I am told that you can purchase it at gloss.com, however i did not have much luck finding it. I did come across this particular product coco mademoiselle

"creating a seductive aura with each toss of the head"

{can it get any better than THAT!?}
I think that a prerequisite before the aplication of mist is one must be listening to and singing
[lip-synching is also acceptable]
the obvious choice of INXS's "Mystify"...a perfect fusion of song and application!

anyway... It is good to be back after a long hiatus of blogging!

I have to shout out to my peeps!


... and show some love and respect for the creative genius

that she is!!

The one...The only...The most ALSOME JANE!!!!!!!

- you know folks — without her, there really would be no :el fano:
{and that's one to grow on!}

I've said it before, and I will say it now, in fact I think I will say it 'till the end of time — "If your pleasure if passion, then passion IS your pleasure!"