Sunday, January 30, 2005

Rhythm is MY bitch!

Don't we hate it when our COMPUTERS become ass-butts! {sung of course to the tune of MORRISSEY's "Don't we hate it when our freinds become successful". {ps: I am having issues with that man right now, freaking having the word "hamburger" contantly repeating in my head, in that oh-so-Morrissey way! grrrrr} anyway.... I had a MOST amazing/funny/insightful/perfect entry, and as I went to publish computer gave me the black screen of death and as a MAC is not a pretty sight. ;[ so, alas...I must give you the abridged [notes] version of this entry to be expanded upon in other "magical"* entries!

ps:* omg! that word will never quite really be the same for Jane and Dollo and the fan. "magical"=unicorn=trigger=dealyed Dollo laugh=GREATNESS!

DUNE = Favorite Movie / subconscious thought for the concept of a "waking dream"

woah! = missing those sci-fi-80's Lynch[ion] costumes.

KEVIN AVIANCE = Rhythm + Dictionary + sidebar icons = :el fano:'s waking dream of finding a picture of Miss Aviance next to the definition of RHYTHM [then laughing ... then falling down]

PETER RAUHOFER = :el fano:'s favorite DJ! ;] inspired the name "neuhofer[2]" for my ipod.

ROXY = home to :el fano:'s favorite DJ! as well as favourite Saturday night dance party hosted by the always wonderful JOHN BLAIR of JBproductions

Peter's amazing house beats infused with a little bit of this and a little bit of that sprinked with that ever-so-popular sounds of one of el fano's favorite industrial band NITZER EBB makes for a "most excellent adventure"

I swear that this was filled with humor that could only come from once source ;] :el fano: HA! .. .well .. not that I could ever match the genius and alsome[ness] of JANE...but i might come in a close 2nd!

So kids, that is all I have to say for the moment.. I really must get back to work. You know .. it is one of those dance all night/work all day kinda day[s] today. I promise to ellaborate more on all of these things in blogs to come.

For now I will leave you with the :el fano: mantra: [ps: which really is nothing compared to DANKO JONES who's mantra can really only be fully understood live!!!!!!! omg! he is amazing! so yeah, mine is simple and to the point..."If your pleasure if passion, then passion IS your pleasure!"