Monday, January 04, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! [just 4 days behind schedule!]

My goodness where does the time go!?!! [VACATION] that[s] were it went!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry that I did [NO] updates what-so-ever when I was on holiday, but [trust me] i MISSED BLOGGING [big time] I kept trying to do it from my BB - but it was being problematic [so I gave up] but I AM BACK and READY FOR ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a most amazing and wonderful and [SIN]sational NEW YEARS!!!!!! I was so nice to be with my family for a few weeks, to see my dad, and my nanna [and sis and lil' nephew Alexander] AND YES [even MOM as well]!!!!! [lol] the florida sun was nice [when it was out] this was the first christmas break that I wore a hoodie almost every day down in florida!!! But none-the-less i made sure I got my BEACH ON a few days, and I did my swim-laps every morning when I could! {god I love LOVE love swimming!} =) anyway.. I will be back in full action tomorrow [with fashion, and music and UNDIES!! [of course!] lol] ... so [again] I will everyone ALL of the BEST of EVERYTHING and MORE in 2010!!!!!! giant hugs and much love xo xo :el fano: