Wednesday, January 06, 2010

just another day for you an me in paradise ...


Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone weren't only in St. Barts to take topless pictures for their Facebook pages, they were also there to get married! Guest of a Guest reports that after being engaged since March of last year, Marc and Lorenzo became husband and husband in a private ceremony. There's no picture of the actual ceremony, but I'll be disappointed if they didn't wear matching dick huggers. Let's just say they did...
After the ceremony, Marc and Lorenzo celebrated their new marriage at a reception hosted by fancy art person Larry Gagosian. And of course, even Marc's wedding topper had his nipples out.
You better believe that after the premium Andre started flowing, ho after ho took pictures of themselves doing nasty raunchy shit with Marc's topper. They turned that topper into a versatiler. The places that topper has been! But I would've done the same thing, which is exactly why I never get invited to weddings anymore.
Thanks [again] to D-LISTED for Marc Jacobs [image/photo] galleries and for these [speedo] shots as well strike a pose [lol] HAPPY DAYS TO THE MAGICAL [power-house] COUPLE!! xo xo :el fano:

UPDATE!!! so it seems [that] the boys did [NOT]!!!! get married in St. Bart[s] this past weekend! [sorry about that] souces say it was just a "get-a-way"!!! xo xo :el fano: