Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2(x)ist - in your face! [ha]

Its funny when you ride the subway, and you just happen to [really] notice an AD campaign! Well the spring/summer 2(x)ist campaign was repeated over and over and over [again and again] in the same subway car [with that dudes, wet a$$ stare[ing] at everyone!] {lol} it just made me think [what other people were thinking] like...[OMG i need to go simming in a pool so i can show off my wet undies?] or perhaps [OMG! i need to buy more 2(x)ist's now.. so I can get the GUY and the GIRL] HA! anyway... its all about ... Advertising and Semantics by Marshall Blonsky! [an amazing professor of mind] who always taught us that there were naked ladies hidden in ice-cubes that made us want to by CocaCola!!! [ha!] anyway... that[s] my 2cents for this AM! xo xo :el fano: