Friday, June 12, 2009

Function-a-lab [its stunning!]

WOW!! [now if all the pills I needed to take in the world looked like this!] well.. I'd be a "pill-pop[n] fiend!} HA!

So ... It seems that Henri Bendel[s] has a new "look" as you walk through its beloved doors... You will {totally see} brightly colored boxes, bottles, and [a mini-fridge with vials of punch-colored drinks] and what you would be [see{ing}]... is a new line of potent supplements called Functionalab. INCREDIBLE PACKAGING [mind you!!] [ha] it seems as if a [top secret] group of "scientists and nutritionists" came together to create a "made-to-measure" program to tackle everything from fatigue to hormonal imbalances to skin problems!!!! [now that[s] amazing!!] Bendel[s] has two nutritionists on hand with a "computerized questionnaire" to review overall lifestyle, health concerns, and goals. Based on the consultation, a customized month-long program is given ($120 to $200), health tonics are suggested, or a simple bottle of supplements called Beauty Doses is recommended ($45 to $55). OMG!! I NEED and WANT and HAVE to HAVE!!!! just look at that!! [it is a thing of beauty!!] xo xo :el fano: