Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Drink all day...Play all night...Let's get it poppin'

I'm in Miami bitch
Drink all day
Play all night
Let's get it poppin' I'm in Miami bitch!

every day I pass by "MIA" i keep sing[ing] ESTELLE {feat. Kanye} :-)
And no I ain’t been to MIA
I heard that Cali never rains and New York’s heart awaits. First let’s see the west end.
I’ll show you to my Bredrin.
I’m liking this American Boy. American Boy

[GOD I LOVE THAT SONG! like 4-serious! LOVE[ssss] IT!!]
anyway... i'm missing NYC and my BFF Jane soooooo much.. [i know its been only a weekend and a few days, but it seems sooooooo crazy long already] and i HATE that story! :( ... but I've found this great [mirrored] elevator at the University of Miami and I'm going to use it for some fun self-portrait BB photo-fun!! hugs and love xo xo :el fano: