Wednesday, May 13, 2009

He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!

The spice must flow...

ok.. so I have NO IDEA how this one [slipped] by me... but actor/director PETER BERG is directing a new version of the 1984 cult-classic film DUNE for a 2010 release!?!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! with Robert Pattinson [as the front runner] for Paul Atreides!! omg [i'm not sure he is the right choice for that possible casting role]... but, OM[f]G OM[f]G OM[f]G! [my BFF knows my crazy passion for DUNE!!!!] ... so now, I'm having "wake[ing] dreams" of my dream cast!! [of course I am somewhere in this movie!!] I HAVE TO BE!!!!!!!! an extra, an ANYTHING!!! :-) ... i wonder if Peter Berg will do justice to the book!?! [i know David Lynch removed his name from the 1984 Dune - Mr. Alan Smithiee] but still it remains one of my favourite of ALL time [in vision, words, icons, everything] anyway... i had over heard one of the hospital orderlies talking about the "twilight / harry potter actor" and the word DUNE in the same breath... [yeah, mention the word dune across the room, and I can hear ya!] ... so anyway... i will/shall keep you on a CONSTANT DUNE WATCH! [ha] .. you know, cuz i have to!!!! xo xo :el fano: