Friday, May 29, 2009

"SMELL" YA L8TR! =) ... It's "The FiFi"[s]!!

It was the Fragrance Foundation's "FiFi Awards" the other night [I know sorry I'm late with the news] [A LOT goin on!] ... btw [i just was falling over with that POSE of PARIS HILTON! {winner this year}] remind me next time I am on the red carpet that THAT!! [is] the POSE I will/shall be doing! Move-over Zoolander - its Miss Hilton pose-a-thon now! HA!! =)

ps: I love how Queen Latifah[s] RACK is the size of ALL of Paris Hilton! {this pic is just price-less}

OK.. so.. this years 2009 winners are:

Hall of Fame Award Honoree: Marc Jacobs

Fragrance of the Year - Women's Luxe:
Harajuku Lovers Fragrance - Love, Lil'Angel, Music, Baby, "G" - Coty Prestige

Fragrance of the Year -Men's Luxe:
I Am King - Sean John - Sean John Fragrances

Fragrance of the Year - Women's Popular Appeal:
American Beauty Beloved - BeautyBank

Fragrance of the Year - Men's Popular Appeal:
McGraw by Tim McGraw - Coty Inc.

Fragrance of the Year - Unique Boutique:
Tom Ford Private Blend Champaca Absolute - Tom Ford Beauty

Fragrance of the Year - Women's Nouveau Niche:
Chloé Eau de Parfum - Coty Prestige

Fragrance of the Year - Men's Nouveau Niche:
Burberry the Beat for Men - P & G Prestige Products, Inc.

Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year:
Paris Hilton

Fragrance of the Year - Private label/Direct Sell:
Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Eau de Parfum - Victoria's Secret Beauty

Fragrance Hall of Fame (tie):
Davidoff Cool Water - Coty Prestige, White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor - Elizabeth Arden

Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year:
MANE for A Travers Le Miroir Thierry Mugler, Clarins Fragrance Group (Perfumer: Alexis Dadier, Mane Paris)

Congrats to ALL of this years WINNERS!! YAY!! xo xo :el fano: