Tuesday, May 19, 2009

gold lamme insanity and human eating coats =) HA!

Where was MY INVITATION to the "LIFE BALL" this year!??? {oh yeah, that's right.. I gave it to Bill Clinton!}

Now where was Pam Anderson during my D&G GOLD LAMME UNDERWEAR wedding fashion-show-case bonanza! REMEMBER LADIES!! [ha ha ha] =) we can never forget! [lol] but 4-serious.. this picture just makes me smile, and then laugh, then fall down, and then laugh again! =) Thanks Pam Anderson! I OWE YOU ONE! HA!

OMG!! - i swear - doesn't it look like Róisín Murphy[s] coat is going to eat her!? HA!!!!!!! as we all know Miss Murphy is a HUGE FAN of GARETH PUGH but at this years LIFE BALL - well, she donned a [new] fashionista[s] frocks! A St. Martins college grad by the name of ODEN WILSON! ... I swear though.. that coat is going to eat her!! [or i am just exhausted from work] ITS MEETING TIME!!!! ooooof! xo xo :El fano: