Wednesday, March 04, 2009

'7' and the neon ryder'

You gotta love it when clients know u love something ...(and then)... they surprise you with it!! HA!
I had a very very (um) VERY long day =( ... But a got a delivery out in L.I. (At office #2!) And in a lovely black on black liquid laminate bag - was a SLEW of new JUICY men(s) shirts!!! and all [M]'{s} that fit like a dream!!!! It soooooo made up for my [horrific{ly}+annoying{ly}] long day! Ooooof!!! (And I missed my BFF like crazy today!!!!) - but I did get to see her prom pics! oooooohhhh sooo cute!!! {I told her I was crushin' on her big time today! Heee} anyway - its good to be home and in bed! I am exhausted!!! Night night peeps! Xo xo :el fano: