Thursday, March 05, 2009

BritBrit and DSquared2!

I know I know.. [this is soooo 3 days ago!] but, I had some {catching up} to do!!!!!!!!!!! but I gotta tell you, I am CRAZY excited for the DSquared2 Brit-Brit combo!!! DS designed all of birtney's costumes for the Circus Tour!! HER WARDROBE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! [perhaps a bit "over-the-top"] but COME ON! ITS THE CIRCUS!!! [its like no other show in the world!?] RIGHT!!? HA!! ... and I mean, come on now.. don't we all secretly pine for "furry shoulder pads"??? [come on, you can admit it!] I mean, the picture alone is like RINGMASTER to SLAVE right!?! HA HA HA!! .. oh man... i am crazy love[n] it!!!!!! xo xo :El fano: