Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bruce Weber the FILM COLLECTION 87-08!

GAHHH! i need this! [please!] It seems to ONLY be available in the U.K.!! grrrr {but no matter - I shall call upon the U.K. sources I so fondly have in my pocket[s]} HA!! But 4-serious - "Bruce Weber 5 Disc Boxset [2008] - Let's Get Lost, Chop Suey, A Letter To True, Broken Noses [DVD]" {plus the 5th disc I believe has all this BONUS funfun [including] PET SHOP BOYS videos!!!!!!!!!!!! {you know which were kinda banned here for to much male and female nude[did]{a}ty! [ha!] but 4-serious! this would be a most lovely collection to the collection of DVD that exist in my life!! YAY! xo xo :el fano: