Monday, March 09, 2009

theroux!!!!! I need + I want!!!!!

Omg! I'm so greedy right!?! I'm always "want'n" and "need'n" HA!! I'm just a very demanding boy!!! (HA)!!!! [Lol] anyway - I had read in one of my various fashion magazines that Justin Theroux was going to make his "im-fame-ous" thick black glasses into a line !!!!! Well its finally here! (I'm sure its been here for like over a month) [sorry] lol- but my bff knows every time we'd see him in the movies - I'd be like "ooooohhhh mmmyyyyy goooooddd! I want I want I want!" (Especially in mulholland drive ) - anyway - I think THESE are finally the glasses that I need / want to have in my life!!! =) I think my face and head (and of course eyes) are in 100% agree-ance!!!!!!!!!! ps: FOR SOME-REASON my black-berry did not/has not posted anything from the weekend!?? IDK why? hmmmmmm have to check that one out!?!?! xo xo : el fano :