Sunday, March 22, 2009

I {heart} LACOSTE [insert gator logo]

So just in-case you-all(s) 4got(s) I really dooooooo [heart] Lacoste!! I was sooo be(yond) E«xxx»CITED when I was @ the airport and my eyes gazed upon the soft white glow (and those large green letters and ever so stunning icon[o](class)-ic logo of logo(s) "the gator" )... well,... It just beck(con)ed me [like the sirens to rock(s) ...and... the moth to the flame(s)] I to could hear the soft beautiful cry(s) of "buy me now" + "you know u want to wear me" and other various billboard hot 100 songs about fashion! =) none-the-less I escaped with not to much damage to my wallet as those Lacoste sirens r known for burning precious holes [in one(s) wallett(s)] so yeah... I {heart} lacoste!!! - yet another huge busy work day awaits me!! =( oooooooff I best be starting my journey. Much love to all! Xo xo :el fano: