Sunday, March 01, 2009

i am 4-serious on a CRAZY Y-3 KICK! [its not even funny] HA!

OMG! its a mini blue-screen YOSHI peeking out of the zipper of the bag! [yeah] I kinda think I need that for spring tooo!!!!!!!! [and i know i don't really need [yet] ANOTHER HAT! [ha!] but that brick orange... [s i g h] I am lovin' it! so simple and could that Y-3 be any larger!?! HA HA HA! [i don't think so!] LOL! ... anyway, I so missed posting yesterday :( .. a photoshoot went amazingly long :( oooof, and had no time for anything yesterday ... [and I so miss my BFF JANE!!!] but, all in all things got done, [over and beyond budget] but happy clients, and come-back-again clients!!! [so, in the end it ALL worked out!] YAY!!! so, I must finish up work, and get home before the big snow fall!! [six inches or something??] IDK ... but I want to be indoors for that! GIANT HUGS to ALL! xo xo :el fano: