Friday, July 17, 2009

"CATCH" of the day!

Thanks to those AMAZING boys at AussieBum we have the "CATCH" of the day! = ]
"This brief leaves nothing to the imagination & highlights the sexy attitude & style of any man who dares to wear it. In a world first for aussieBum, this innovative fish net inspired underwear range for men reflects a man who has attitude & confidence. You will feel like a prize catch in this latest range."... soooo go and reel one in2day!! THANKS AUSSIEbum!! YOU ROCK!! =) xo xo :el fano:


j said...

Wow, these are so you. And oh my goodness, I totally have mesh underpants on right now! Only mine are Champion running underpants. Not quite as foxy.

:el fano: said...

heee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I SOOOOOO have/need/want to order a pair! =) when I got the "tweet" this AM from the AussieBum boy[s].. I was SOOO excited!! and i just had to post it!! ... I love that you have on mesh under-pant[s] as well!!!!!!!! OMG! I GET TO SEE YOU SoooOOooooOOOooooOOo sooon! I can't wait! xo xo :el fano:

Anonymous said...