Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exposé - Come Go With Me

Exposé - Come Go With Me [love{s] it!]
ohhh man... last night good times were had and [then some] HA! Me and my bff[s] diva...jane...[+] buttah rocked it [hard-core] @ THE NO MALICE PALACE with songs of [love]{&}[devotion]!!!! It was a magical delight and delightful magic!!! singing and dancing and drinking and tweeting [and i do apologize if i txt[ed]/MMS/BBM/email[ed] you my "piece" last night!] {eeeeeep} i was being/feeling extra "naughty" yesterday evening/night/AM >:] HA!! [lol] so next time, we are keeping my phone far far away from me! [ha!] but ... anyway.. ENJOY EXPOSÉ !!!! [ i know i sure did last night! ] xo xo :el fano: