Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Campers {GONE} wild!!!!!! [Dsquared2] style!

Ok.. so honestly... i [swear] those brothers [DEAN + DAN] of Dsquared2 were watching a bit to many of those {boys}[+]{girls} "GONE-WILD" videos.. {HA} I mean really.. its like boy-scouts vs. campers vs. fisherman w/ the {gone-wild} thrown into the mix... I mean, don't get me wrong, I HONESTLY LOVE IT! [i do!] I just don't know a time or place where I could get away with such garb! =} {i don't really camp...[perhaps I should start]?} "FASHION CAMPING 2010 - the :el fano: story {a tale woven from the fabrics of Dsquared2}" HA HA HA! ... [sigh] so yeah.. I think its the orange socks and combat boots ... or perhaps the crazy plaid jacket with the fisherman hat.. IDK?!? but It is 4-serious{ly} calling me!!!!!!!!!!! [ps: why is Dsquared2 so freak{n} expensive!!!!!] I mean, i know its a luxury brand [yes] but still.. I almost feel [at times] that it is tooo much!! anyway.. ENJOY these pics! [i'm not sure where they were/are from.. [or who shot them] but they showed up in my e-mail box] so EVERYONE ENJOY!! xo xo :el fano: