Monday, August 03, 2009

Madonna - Celebration? {not so much}

madonna celebration
ok ok ok .. so am I like the ONLY ONE that really is not feeling [or like{ing}] this new single/track by ESTHER at ALL!??? .. i mean, I am sure there will be fierce remixes, and of course I will LOVE the PETER RAUHOFER dub.... but, honestly.. for a new track off the greatest hits version 6,505867 .. its [well] very VERY "PA-PA" for me... IDK... i am just not feeling it WHAT-SO-EVER!! [sorry boys and girls] .. HOWEVER...

but THIS.. this "teaser" with the [backwards] {business} I LOVE !!!!!! {perhaps if I listen to the entire greatest hits part 6,78908 BACKWARDS} I will love it! [ha!] anyway...

xo xo :el fano: