Thursday, August 27, 2009


soooo.... as i tweet[ed] this morning, EVERYONE [+] I mean EVERY[1] =] is getting BRITNEY SPEARS[s] "CIRCUS[fantasy]" for holiday presents this year!! as the lady miss diva and [I] said to each other last night "Strong enough for a MAN...[but] MADE for a woman" =] 4-serious, its like LIQUID COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!! [it[s] SIN[sational]{ly} delightful!!!!!!] {lol} so yes.. early holiday prediction "CIRCUS[fantasy]" 100%!!!! =] xo xo :el fano:

ps: I had SOOO MUCH [crazy] FUN @ the BRITNEY show last night! it was quite a spectacle to behold! [GIMME MORE GIMME MORE GIMME GIMME MORE!!] =) xo xo [again] xo xo :el fano: