Tuesday, August 18, 2009

District 9

district 9
D-9 official movie site

I must say... I really, really [REALLY] really [loved] this movie and give it 5 STARS!! This is not your "typical" sci-fi flick... [people even boo[ed] and walked out] and I guess it really quite wasn't what people were expecting.. [idk] but all i can say, is it makes you think.. it makes you wonder, it makes you ponder about society, and current issues that effect us [each and every day]... you go away feeling sorry for the alien[s] and in a way [makes you think long and hard]... "are human[s] really the "good"[guys]"?!?!?! ... anyway... enough of my banter... I always love a good "think[ing] sci-fi movie" and this one does not let [u] down in any respect. Peter Jackson saw something in this first time director Neill Blomkamp[s] [short] film.. and I am GLAD THAT HE DID, and help[ed] to make this movie seen by the masses.... anyway.. GO AND SEE DISTRICT 9!!!!!!!!!! It really is an amazing movie! xo xo :el fano: