Monday, August 10, 2009

something is brew[ing] in FASHION television land...

and i have my hand[s] all over it!
well.. more so [design{s}]
more to come!!
...and I hope EVERYONE is enjoying the RACHEL ZOE REPORT!!! today[s] was written especially for me!! [lol]

Roller Disco
Barton Perreira Starlet Sunglasses
Few things in life excite me like a pair of artful sunnies. I mean, just looking at Barton Perreira’s Starlet shades sends my heart racing. Their movie star shape and rainbow-detailed frames flawlessly capture seventies’ style glamour.

If you can get the visual of me as a tween, skating at the roller rink in red satin pants, a spandex tube top and gold headband, you’ll know why I’m so obsessed over these shades. In fact, they’re a favorite in my shamefully towering pile of do not disturb signs.* Formerly a designer at Oliver Peoples, Perreira classically structured the Starlet sunglasses with an unexpected multi-colored aspect that will give life to a blah outfit. Rarely does fashion meet function, but Perreira emphasizes the main purpose of sunglasses with protected lenses that guard your eyes from scary UV rays and prevent wrinkles. xoRZ
*do not disturb sign = sunnies, preferably oversized, used for masking tired eyes, hiding make-up from the night before and politely avoiding conversation.
Availability: Barton Perreira Starlet Sunglasses ($525), email orders to For retailer info, visit

more to report later!! =} xo xo :el fano:


Michael St. James said...

I'm so excited about the Rachel Zoe Project! Cool blog!

:el fano: said...

I know! its going to be a GREAT season!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] and thank you for your comment [ie:] "the" [[[BLOG]]]!!! I try to have random crazy{ness}/fun [as my mind sometimes is a bit {{all}} over the place!] {HA}! ...a little fashion here... a little music there... and a [whole] LOTT{a} FUNFUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =} welcome! and enjoy!! xo xo :el fano:

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