Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christian Siriano’s Reality Show Will Be Like the Valentino Movie

It's hard to imagine Christian Siriano's dark side on a normal day, and especially so when he's dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid on Halloween. But that's the direction he's taking for his next fall line — the fabric just came in! "It’s very dark — that’s the only thing we’re going with right now," he said at the "Heroes vs. Villains" party at Rose Bar on Saturday. "It’s very gothic, kind of like a swamp, but we wanted it to be really feminine."
Siriano is also busy with his still untitled spinoff reality show for Bravo, which will follow the creation of his spring 2010 and fall 2010 lines from start to finish. “It’s very like The September Issue, veryValentino [The Last Emperor]. We want it to be as cool and as real as possible.” The September Issue director R.J. Cutler has apparently advised Siriano “just to be real." Siriano continued, "I think it’s best to be as normal as possible and, luckily, I just happen to be entertaining already.” He said the show would be "really documentary-style" and involve him talking to the camera frequently. "It’s going to be really serious, like not so campy. There are a lot of moments that are just silent and like working and like really how serious the business is, because it’s really hard, it really is.” Does he worry people don’t take him seriously? “I think they do to a point, but it’s hard, you know, there are so many designers and you really have to prove yourself, so I think it takes time.”

4-SERIOUS this image of Christian as "ARIEL" just makes me {giggle} so much! =) [that face] that HAIR! that OUTFIT! [5 stars!] lol - but this should be very very interesting [SHOW] on BRAVO! ...  I [for sure] will be watching [and waiting] =) 

THANK YOU nymag.com FOR THE ARTICLE and THE IMAGE! xo xo :el fano: