Tuesday, November 03, 2009



Only Hello Kitty, everyone's best loved cartoon character, was lucky enough to have her 35th anniversary party at London's Michelin-star restaurant/bar/patissserie/art gallery, Sketch last week. Surrounded by silver glittered tables, sparkling lights, Hello Kitty balloons and room-wide projected animations, a gigantic Godzilla-sized plush doll suspended over the runway was levered down to mark the end of the mini-fashion show. Wearing designs themed as Pocahontas hippie girls, cabaret queens, 80s rock chicks, and old British heritage, models cheerfully bobbed down the whiskered stage to the soundtrack of Little Boots, Calvin Harris and a 70s soundtrack. Sanrio president Kunihiko Tsuji opened the event, leaving the birthday cake adorned with sparklers to be cut whilst the chief designer, Yuko Yamaguchi led the room in a mass sing-along of "Happy Birthday". Kitty-covered teapots, cupcakes and champagne littered the plush dining room amongst the trademark Sketch High Tea treats where Yamaguchi spoke to Dazed on behalf of the Kitty, as of course, our fluffy friend has no mouth...

Dazed Digital: What is it like being behind such an iconic image as Hello Kitty?
Yuko Yamaguchi: Hello Kitty fans have inspired me in the creative process for 30 years. I am happy that the circle of fans has spread around the world.

DD: Now celebrating her 35th year, do you feel like Hello Kitty is a timeless character or is she always adapting to the times?
Yuko Yamaguchi: I think Hello Kitty is a character who stays close to her fans’ hearts by changing with times. She will live eternally by evolving and living up to her fans’ expectations.
DD: If Hello Kitty talked, would she speak Japanese or English as she was born in London?
Yuko Yamaguchi: Since Hello Kitty is born in London she is fluent in English, but she also speaks Japanese

DD: What does 'Hello Kitty' mean? Is that her birth name?
Yuko Yamaguchi: Her real name is Kitty White. Hello Kitty is just her nickname.

DD: Are you worried you could run out of ideas for reinventing Hello Kitty's style?
Yuko Yamaguchi: All people change their lifestyles and taste in fashion too, so I never run out of ideas.

DD: What are the future plans for Hello Kitty? Is there an ideal designer you would like to collaborate with?
Yuko Yamaguchi: As long as they share our love for Hello Kitty, any offers for collaboration are welcome regardless of how old or new the companies are, or whether they are artists, musicians or entertainers. We don’t collaborate with those who intend to use Hello Kitty solely for business purposes. In order to achieve her great dreams, Hello Kitty will continue her own efforts as a singer, as an entertainer and as an actress.

'The official designer, Ms Yamaguchi is visiting Hello Kitty in her hometown, London for her anniversary. They are celebrating in style Hello Kitty's 35 years of global success.'

Now who in their right mind is not [a little] in love with HELLO KITTY {+} all of her KITTY-FAB-u-LESSNESS!?!!? =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELLO KITTY!! xo xo :el fano: