Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. u lock the target 2. u bait the line

3. U slowly spread the net...
and 4. U catch the man!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it!!!!
Headhunter v. el fano style
OM{f}G!!!!! I just realized [why] I am {crazy in love}«beyonce style» wait.... I mean [industrial] style - with my new hair-dooooo! I {{{{{{am}}}}}} the new FRONT 242!!!!! I mean (come on) I am soooo 80's industrial right now its {not even funny} HA! I mean the silver aviators/military cut sides/faux/mow-hawlk top ... HA! {I am a bit "tanner" than the original line up} [thanks to those magic LL sample packets!{Thanks Sephora}] lol =) =) =) anyway - I was/still am/always will be a 242 man!!!! [They r in the i-pod! (Of course)]. Anway - I just had to share! I'm heading back home after an exhausting day of work!!! Much has been accomplished {YAY} el fano!!! As always missing my BfF jane!!! {She's got her first payoff game tonight! Awhhhh yeah!} Much love to all! Xo xo :el fano: