Friday, April 17, 2009

Hot sun, global fun... Needed action, start to run...

"With that skill that was hers alone
She drove her clutches into me
I was dumbfounded
She was hungry
She required me entirely

ahhhhhhhhh now I am soooooo on a FRONT 242 KICK!!!!!!!!!!!! [i must say Anton Corbijn's music video for TRAGEDY FOR YOU] well.. its just BRILLIANT.... but the black and white video for HEADHUNTER! [gahhh]

soooooo amazing!!!!!!! :-)
I can't even count the time[s] {back in the day} when I saw them in concert time after time again! [for like $12 at LIMELIGHT!] gahhhhhhhhhh :-) sooo amazing! ... i swear there was a bill line up ... PRE-OPENER [marilyn manson!!!] then the opener was [EBN] HA!!! and then [FRONT 242] oh man... those were the days! A very young DJ keoki in one corner and a young RuPaul in another! HA!! ... ok ok ok .. I must must MUST get back to work! .. thats some FUN for the AM! xo xo :el fano: