Sunday, April 05, 2009

High noon at its 'high-est'

Ok ok this ones good! =)
Look at sexxxy Ivan Sergei(s) [intense]intensity of mind(blowing)power that is making the {yearning} Emile DeRavin actually (choke) herlself by her own hand! I mean look at the force behind his [shut] eyes - and then- there's her vacent stare/sideways glance... "oh what am I doing?" ... "Who's hands are these around my neck!?" Haaaa these posters bring so much joy and hidden passion and pleasure and strange strange "read-between-the-lines" {hidden}meaning(s) ... Its just almost to much!!! HA!! =) the funny thing is that throughout the mid-west this chich"quatro" of "shirtless/topless" nora roberts campaign posters have our dudes and dudettes CLOTHED!!! Eppppp!!!! I can only imagine what "effect" that gives!!! Ha ha ha! =) ok - so this was slightly less boring than my last post! =) enjoy enjoy!!!!! =) xo xo hugs and love xo xo :el fano: