Thursday, April 30, 2009

i want your soul...

come to daddy...come to daddy... :-) ... I W A N T YOUR S O U L!!

OM[f]G i had such an APHEX TWIN moment last night ... [exhibit A] : {above} ... the i-pod was playing [aphex twin]{yes} was "COME TO DADDY"{yes}...and then BlackBerry photography ensued and [honestly] this was the first shot.. and it was [brilliantly] perfect! soo... for those of you [not] familiar with the COME TO DADDY video.. [it's below] Its not for the weak-of/at-heart.. its very night-mare[ish] and very VERY very CHRIS CUNNINGHAM {who} is one of my all time favourite directors! ... so, ENJOY [the "artistic" nightmare] that is above and below! [heee] xo xo :el fano: