Thursday, July 02, 2009

Emporio+Beckhams+Underwear = NEW FALL CAMPAIGN

perhaps i might be the only one here that is [crazy] in love with Victoria[s] INSANE pony-tail!?!?!? I must say I noticed that first!!! [before the underwear]! perhaps I'm doing way to much [hair-ads] these day[s] .. but still... call me crazy [cuz you know i am] HA! but her hair in both is out-of-control [love{ing}] it!!! YAY! Its also a bit strange to cast DAVID in the half-circle shadow... again, noticing these things BEFORE the underwear! hmmmm also love the GIANT ROPE underneath them! =) anyway.. la la la crazy crazy crazy! =) ... xo xo :el fano: