Monday, February 02, 2009

feel it.

the motto [and slogan] of PAPI!

Papi is a term universally spoken..
utilized and understood to celebrate the spirit, strength, and sex appeal of today's young man.

Papi [IS] the man who has style, sophistication...and most of all "SEX APPEAL" (yet)...
has his own identity!

[i mean is that a mission-statement to live by.. or WHAT?!] HA!
[ps: is that my APARTMENT or the underwear store?] sometimes .. i kinda forget!! [HA HA HA!]

Props to PAPI for hook'n me up! :) ... UNDERWEAR AWARDS are TOMORROW NIGHT! whoo hoo!!! ;-) good times [and underwear times] will be had by ALL!
xo xo
:El fano: