Friday, February 27, 2009

Y-3 + me! [really {{ARE}} perfect 2-get-her!]

OK .. so my spring "KICK[s]" and "ARM/WRIST{band[s]|" have been chosen! [and what I big surprise - Y-3!] HA!! .. yep... I am sooooooooooo gettin' me sum when I'm back from my trip [jett'n down to FLA for a suprise party] shhhhh! {lol} but, really, I can't wait.. I am sure I'll see like 10,0000 other things in the Y-3 store when I go.. but, I am on a mission for 2 items [perhaps a BAG will come out of this as well] HA!.. but, yeah.. I am SO READY!!!! YAY!! [ps: I really do love Y-3!] AHHHH!! xo xo :el fano: .. PS: OMG! I am kick'n it with my BFF tonight! CRAZY mega DRINKS for cheap-a$$-cheap again!] 32oz. of FALL-down-LIP-smack[n]'-PLEASURE!!!!! [i think so!] HA!! YAY! I can't wait!! ;-)