Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleep on it - sleep on it...

Finally I am home!!!!!
What a long-a$$ (to long) long island (work) experience today! =( {bleck} I really missed my bff so much today! (But I was able to at least get to her blog! Aways soooo amazing and inspirational!!!+great!!!! (Always) =) I'm in bed and am ready for bed (ha)- I'm just soooooo exhausted! I'll have more to post tomorrow! New KMFDM to discuss (and) of course the new single "WRONG" from Depeche Mode!!!!!!!!!! {My new itunes "pass" into the world of the MODE!!} we will see how that goes!!! =) nite nite to all my peeps! MISS & LOVE U BFF JANE!! Xo xo :el fano: