Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This is what it [looks] like...When doves [design]

Dig if u will the "picture"
Of u and I engaged in some [type]
The sweat of your "feathers" cover me
Can u my darling
Can u picture [above]?

Dream if u can a "telephone wire"
An "skies" of clouds so blue
Birds strike curious poses
They feel the heat
The heat between the "telephone wire" and u

How can u just leave me "sitting"?
Alone in a "wire" thats so cold? (sooooo cold)
Maybe Im just 2 demanding
Maybe Im just like my father using "helvetica bold"
Maybe you're just like my mother
Shes never "italicized" (shes never italicized)
Why do we "swalk" at each other
This is what it [looks] like
When doves [design]
ooooooooooohhhh when doveesssssss desiigggggnnnnnnn

Thank you Daryl Waller for your [inspirational] photograph "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL"
and of course thank you PRINCE for letting me put my [own] creative verbiage to "When Doves Cry"!

Enjoy it kids! :) xo xo :el fano: