Saturday, February 21, 2009

a {slight} corjbin effect [with some blue] thrown in [da] mix!

Awhhh - i'm shoppin' in Queens and I've just texted my BFF!!!!! ;) [i love her so!]... and plans [within] plans are set for SUNDAY BRUNCH! [yay]! its my new favourite day of food and funfun with my BFFs!!! :} - so last night on my way to the after-fashion-week bonanza party [with my fellow L'Oreal[lians]... i decided to try some filters out on the BlackBerry! there is a "grain" and a "blue" so what did I do... [exhibit A {and} exhibit B] ummmm a "grain" and a "blue" [a-dddduuuhh] HA!.. there are a slew of filters for me to try, and I will, and I shall, so get ready for more [soon]! - time to enjoy [well] more of me.. OF COURSE!!! [ha ha ha]!!! xo xo :el fano: