Friday, February 20, 2009

My hat, my hat, my hat my hat my hat..My lovely [crazy] hat...check it out

What you gonna do with all that hat...
All that hat ontop your head?

I'm gonna wear wear wear my hat...
Wear my hat on my head all day long... said all day long!

OK.. so perhaps I am totally channeling my {inner} GRACE JONES ... I know ...[call me crazy]... but I SOOOOooOOOO LOVE this CHRISTIAN SIRIANO "finale" number! [from head to toe] !!!

And this "flow-y" number... [4-serious] I am "LOVE[n]" it! {i bet WHOOPIE soooooo wants this one!!} :-) ... keeping [true] to his form ... Christian seemed well [very] Christian indeed! [i'm getting a EGYPTIAN [feel] with those gold bangs and make up! [are you feeling it tooo?] .. anyway, I just had to post that finale HAT! ... [i really am ACCESSORIES obsessed!] perhaps I should start to pen "CONFESSIONS OF A ACCESSORIES-A-HOLIC" :) xo xo :el fano: