Saturday, January 10, 2009

CLEAN the cleanest I've been

"An end to the tears and the in-between years and the troubles I've seen! Now that I'm clean"! ... Ok so the meaning of the song is not the feeling I am feeling (at the moment) ha! But I was playing the game - name the first song u can think of when you say the word "CLEAN" - and it was Depeche Mode's "CLEAN".... [ God I love Violator] like a {crazy}-mo-pho! :) - ok now I make a (mess) to get (clean) once more! Ps: I've decided to do my {blogging} from my blackberry (for now) why not! Right!? - oh godddddd ST. ETIENNE's - "He's on the phone" just came on the internet U.K. dance stream I am rock'n!! GAH!!! Now I must dance!!! Enjoy this!!! :) xox :el fano: