Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Patrol

Sooooo when in 2006 did Brittany Murphy get an ameri-british-pho-fake accent for "Love and other Disasters"?!?! [I don't even remember this move ever coming out!]? (And it also stars that hot Argintinian dude from "love actually")! - It is blowing my mind with crazy-insanity!!!!!! Yet I am still compelled to watch ... {it's pretty bad}. The saving grace for me thus far has been a cameo from Dawn French! She's sin-fully laugh-tastic + brilliant!!!!!! (God I love her) - soooooooooooooo yeah- its snowing :) that means picture time!!!! :). {Its so funny cuz the picture looks like I sillo(ed) myself into a snowy blizzard sensation!! (But I dindn't!) It just good old fashion art!!} Ha! Yeah! Loves it!!! xo xo el fano