Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Give me the bass line and I'll shake it

Give me a record and I'll break it...
Just havn' sum fun with the Black-Berry on my way home from work! :) - my theme song for this very great day in american history is "Soild as Barack" :) [sung by the (CORRECT) singer(s)/songwriter(s)/artist(s)! - A&S!!] Right BFF Jane!!?!? :) ha ha ha «not-"AS"-Pete Wentz's wife!» (lol)- my own insanity made me fall on the floor today with laughter! Ha! {sometimes I really am a funny-funfun}!!!! :) I think its a chicken soup for the soul kinda night! :) it will make my insides all toasty and full of delicious yummy-ness!! :) love to allllll my girls!!!!! (And yes to u dudes tooo!-lol) Xo xo :el fano:
ps: look how fast I can go from serious to laughter in like 3 seconds! Ha! :)