Sunday, January 18, 2009

There is a rhythm it's near & it's far

It flows thru through the heart of us all...

Ahhhhhhhhh - the [highlights] are in and I'm soooooo lovin' them! :) I'm all comphy-cozy under the blankets - "A Cinderella Story 2" (to cool for school) is on the televison and Miss Kid-e is sleep'n at my feet {and I'm trying not to think about work tmrow!} (lol) - oooooohhhhh I think "program-show" [aka: The L word] is new tonight (praise the DVR) {omg! Is it wrong of me to be sort-of love'n that someone murdered Jenny?! (would u think less of me?) - I mean I'm sure if someone hadn't done it soon...well... I might have just had to make a special "guest-appearance" to get that job done!} Ha ha! -jk jk (not)! Lol :) :) :) I hope everyone is having a most wonderful night and keepin' roasty-toasty!!! :) pleasant dreams to all my peeps!!!! And I leave u with the warm sunny glow that is radiating from my silky-conditioned tips! Heeee :) Xo xo hugs and love :el fano: