Friday, January 23, 2009

the Journey Continues... [acoustic baby]

OK.. so the U.K. dance radio station is 4-seriously
with MARK BROWN {feat.} [the ever so amazing] SARAH CRACKNELL {'s} - song "The Journey Continues" ... and I am all for the dance-beats [god-don't-u-know-it]! however, your[s] true[ly]..{:el fano:} has come across [all-be-it-old] but NEW TO ME "ACOUSTIC" version on YOU TUBE! that ... well ... is just "BRILLIANT"! and SARAH is soooo BEYOND "a-DIOR-able{ly}" CUTE!!!!!!!! ;) - anyway! enjoy [over and over and over again] many many times - as I have done! hugs and love xo xo :El fano: