Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should I stay or should I go...

Soooo - the street sign the other night was very confused! (It kept showing the "hand" + the "walk-this-way-dude" at the same time! [Poor thing!]) So I just stood there {just as confused as the sign was} and decided to sing "should I stay or should I go (noooowwww)" :) ... and I danced - and a lady on the street passed by and giggled at me and it was a delight!
(Oh the simple joys that help to erase the horrific-horror-show that is work! Oooooof!!) - it's like everyone (except 4 my bff jane) forgot what was "understood" to be the meaning of the word "work"!. I mean like 4-serious people did it just become like the "in-thing" to be a lame-a$$-slacker 24-7!? Is it cool to just coast thru and do a worse-than-half-a$$-job? (I's fashion people!!!! One day u r in - the next...U R OUT!!!- Heidi was not messin' when she spoke those ever brilliant words so long ago! )
I mean am I crazy to think that one should actual(ly) "be appreciated" {slight(ly)} for what they do!? IDK - I mean with the way the economy is and people loosing jobs left and right - u would think people would "show-up" or actually "do" some work- or at the very least, to help out a fellow co-worker?!!?!? ( I guess there really is no "team" in teamwork)! - Grrrrr its sooooooooo en(rage)[g]ing to me {people(s) attitude(s)}! s I g h - ok enuff of that (sorry sorry sorry for venting) - I am just going to leave work issues @ work!
So yeah I'm in a car service heading home - man I just want to go to bed tonight! Nothing wrong with that! :) right!? Lol - much love to everyone!
Giant hugs - xo xo :el fano: