Saturday, January 17, 2009

The sweetest perfection...

Takes me completely
Touches so sweetly
Reaches so deeply
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhh MY BFF JANE IS THE SWEETEST PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!
god we had such a blast of amazin'-amazing-ness all Friday night long! I must give "*****"-- 5-stars to our restaurant ( i mean they made the guac at our TABLE! :) we witness the fiery preparation before our eagerly awaiting eyes! Heee.. PS: i sooo drank and entire pitcher of sangria! [and mind you I tried to share, and I keep stealing glasses away from my bff!] ACK! {i was terrible!} I was hooked on it sweet-wine[y]-deliciousness! [ps: wine-infused-peaches! are god's gift to us all!!!!] ... and then, what did we [and when I say "we" i mean "i" do after our ingestion of delicious-deliciousness ....ummmmmmmmm.... A {{{MINI}}} PITCHER of... {you guessed it kids} SANGRIA!!!!!! oh man! I am hooked on it dude! :) but, food and drink aside, I must give "*****"-- 5-stars plus to my BFF!! we laughed, we cried, we text[ed], we talked, we hugged, we smiled, we ate, we drank, we engaged, we tore up the place with our hotness! [ummm and I leaving anything out!?] ... well, yeah, we just had the best time ever! and I love her soooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!! nothing compares - too heerrrr {sung in my interpretation of Sinéad}!!! :) :-) now is the time on :el fano: when we ""!!! [ha!] well, not ye! HA HA HA! ;) , .. its "BREAK....4....GYM"!! [enough of this work stuff!] here's another gratuitous photo of yours truly!! watch as I flex for you!!! ;) HOT!! right?! HA HA HA! {its crazy hot in my office today} must be the sole inhabitant there today!!! HA HA HA {god, I am just crackin' my self-all-up-in-here today! :) [ok enough fun for now!] thank again BFF for ALL of your AMAZIN'-AMAZING[ness!] LOVE U! xo xo :El fano: