Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am "LYCAN" this new install[ment] of "UNDERWORLD" quite a bit! :)

I mean, for a moment there - you've got to believe that director "Patrick Tatopoulos" took a [little] of his "blue-eyed" vampires from David Lynch[s] DUNE!!!!?? {favourite movie ever!} :} !!! [i mean, look at the compare and contrast with the very young and talented ALICIA WITT {zoey from "CYBILL") next to Rhona Mitra .... it's pretty close kids! :)

Anyway... funfun date was had again :) and I throughly enjoyed this installment of the [3rd in the Underworld series] {gotta confess I do/did miss Kate Beckinsale} [but you know she'll be in the 4th one, and like the executive producer!} HA!!

Just thought i'd share!!! ;) HAPPY SUNDAY ALL! xoxo much love xoxo :el fano: