Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh whatever makes [:el fano:] happy on a saturday night...

Well go to peepshows and freak shows,
Well go to discos, casinos,
Well go where people go and let go

:0) - its been a "COMING UP" kinda day! - oh Suede how I enjoy theee sooo! [side bar note: my bff Jane and Brett Anderson are like crazy tight! [welll... um..., he kinda like stopped a SHOW... just for her!] ...i mean, if that is not love, well.. i just don't know what is!]
sooo.. crazy fun times were had last night! {and into the weeeeee hours of the night!} [but I don't kiss and tell!] HA HA HA {{{well, perhaps just to my bff!}}} :) OMG! "MY BLOODY VALENTINE-3D" is sooooo bad [its good] I don't think you are supposed to laugh at movies {such as this} but god - it was a laugh-a-minute ride for me!!! HA HA HA!
So today shall be a day of naps and catch up sleep [and i think a "hair-high-light-evening-adventure" may be in store] {oh god, I just laughed out loud at the time I [tried] to dye my hair a lovely blonde -and I [4-serious] looked and resembled "TWEETY" it was canary-yellow in EVERY SENSE of the WORD!!! [and the cartoon!] man... that was a bad year for me and hair-dye - but, 2009 I'm back into the hairology nation!!! so, I AM FEELING GOOD!!! I am feeling it for tonight!!!!!! - plus I have to work tomorrow ;[ bleck - but its cool, I think my office will be practically empty - so, more work I shall get done!... anyway.. just wanted to say hi to my peeps!!!!!!! :) and as always - enjoy the physical physical[ness] that is :El FANO:! xo xo :me: