Monday, January 26, 2009

"Snuff on Digital" - {{{BLAQK AUDIO}}} [:el fano's in love]

OK.... so, I know its [totally] 2009 - but how in "goth'(s)ynth{s}" name [in 2007] did an A.F.I. side-project escape me???!!???!...I HAVE NOooOOooOO IDEA!!!! [i swear it must have been all that crack/cocaine!] {ha!} but 4-serious... i mean, give me "SPEAK-n-SPELL" with some {and I quote} "GOTH-TINGED DANCE TRACKS" {and I end quote} - sung by Davey Havok - and .... well... OMG[F]G I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!! I mean, I know that the entire album was done in '07 - but it could have been done like in "DM-80's" time-frame! [ and I'm crazy-crazy-CRAZY ] in love with it!! {see I was streaming in the U.K. goth channel {sometimes you just gotta hear the [[[17 minute]]]] version of "LUCRETIA MY REFLECTION" :) and so ... [instead] i get like [3] tracks in the course of 2 hour set list from [my goodness could it be "DJ-FATHER JEFF"???] HA! and what do I see rotating along the top of my itunes player ...but.. "BLACK AUDIO"{s} album "CEXcells" {i mean, the fun-fun [spelling{s}] ALONE are worth the price of admission to this "gem" of a "dark-electro-pop-goth-synth-ablum" :) AHHHHHH! I bet [traditional] A.F.I. fans are like.. "dude where's my PUNK" ... sorry kids, this ones for us! :) HA!!! so, now I'm listening to song-after-song of my [NEW] synth-experience! and i am LOVE[ing] each and every key-board goth-a-holic-dance-tone{ssss}! awwwwwh YEAH!!!!!! xo xo hugs and love xo xo :el fano: