Friday, January 16, 2009

Rip the System!

OM{f}G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KMFDM one world one nation!!!!!!
KMFDM doin' it again! A treat for the freaks! Truth or dare are you ready for this? We don't care!!!!!! - What they do for me - what they do for you - so good for me - SO GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! - ok ok OK!!!!!! so how in the heck did I miss this one!?!?!? (Or more so these 3!!!!!) - KMFDM "EXTRA" volumes 1, 2, + 3!!!! Over 80 kick-a$$ remxies/singles+b-side TRACKS!!!! Holy s*#t!!!!!!! It's KMFDM i-pod mania!!! An assult on my brain and my senses!!!!!! WOAH I am in like crazy INDUSTRIAL mode right now!!! The i-touch is downlading - I'm blogging about it - and I'm like dancing in bed!!! (Alll at the same time) [how's that for multi-tasking betches!!] Ha ha ha!!!! OM(f)G!!!! (part 2)- back in the day I had many of these as Wax-Trax CD-singles - and 12" mixes - but many I had not heard (or had) 4-SERIOUS!!!!!! (untill right now!) There are some mega-early KMFDM b-sides that are soooooooooooo "HOUSE-tas-tixxx"!!!!!!!!!! Woah!! House industrial music all night long!! SAY WHAT!?!?!? KMFDM House all night long!!!! :) :) :) :) :) - seriously - put sum of these tracks along side a guy called gerald and u've got a hot-a$$ house party!!!!!!!!! :) woooooooow!!!!!!! El fano - doin' it again!!! Don't be afraid - cus you'll realize THE AWESUM(ness) OF KMFDM!!!! Call 1-800-accept no invitation - KMFDM one world one nation!!!!!! :) gahhhhhhhh I am sooooo not sleeping tonight!!! :) MORE+FASTER+MORE+FASTER - rrrrrip the system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xo xo :el fano: