Saturday, January 24, 2009

(SIN)[nimyh]{man} toast!

Is both delicious to the taste and for of a hair colour!!!!!!!! Awhhhh Yeah (don't u know it)! :)
I [think] I am happy with my new shade of L'Oreal! :) - {idk- I being so temp-per-mental about my hair in '09!! (Ha)... But... Idk- i kinda miss «the hair» being a little [slight(ly)] darker! Hmmm perhaps I shall/will change it again! Ha! A world of colour does exist for ALL the members of the hair-ology-nation!!!!!
OMG!!!!! Today we celebrate my BFF's mom birthday!!! I'm sooo excitied!! :) I'm on cup-cake duty this am and I'm headed to one of my favourtie venus " Billy's" [on the west side] for sum yummy-yum-yum "cakes" of the [cup] variety! :) - I've got plans-with-in-plans to meet up with the very butttery goodness that is "ButteMc-Dollo-Love(s)-her-Buns" :) and we will be off to rock-a-way!!! Awhhhh yeah!!! Good times await us ALLl!!!!!!! :) awhhh yeah - hugs + love xo xo :el fano: